Why are my fish disappearing?
As the pond season is in full bloom, so are hungry predators lurking around your pond. Predators can be any animal looking to find a tasty snack at the expense of your beautiful fish. They can be bullfrogs, heron or even the neighbor's cat!

Remember, while heron are beautiful, they are also very hungry birds! Each day, an adult heron needs about 13 ounces of food, the equivalent to three 6-inch Koi or ten 2-inch goldfish. Herons take twice this amount when feeding their young. Generally shy birds, they visit ponds when all is quiet, like the early morning or evening.

To guard against predators, consider a motion-activated water sprinkler that looks like a heron. You can find these online from a variety of retailers. Also, you may consider installing a net over the pond or adding a heron decoy that does not emit water but will nonetheless scare off the herons.