A regular grooming schedule will help prevent:

  • Excessive shedding
  • Skin ailments
  • Mats in your dog’s hair
  • Paw injuries from untrimmed nails
  • Teeth, ear and eye issues

You’ll need these dog grooming supplies and tools:

  1. Brushes and Combs. Daily brushing is an essential part of your dog grooming routine. These brushes and combs can help get the job done:
    • Dematting comb. The widely-spaced teeth can help separate and untangle mats. You can also find combs with widely-spaced rotating teeth for coats that have a tendency to mat.
    • Half-coarse, half-fine comb. With fine teeth at one end and coarse teeth at the other, this metal comb good for all kinds of brushing.
    • Flea comb. These have very fine, closely set teeth that trap fleas.
    • Wire slicker brush. Recommended for curly-coated dogs such as Poodles and Bichon Frises.
    • Pin brush. Perfect for long-haired dogs such as Afghans and Lhasa Apsos.
    • Rubber curry or short, hard, natural bristle brush. Made for removing loose, dead hair from smooth or medium-coated dogs like Labrador Retrievers.
    • Deshedding tool. Can help reduce shedding removing the undercoat and loose hair.
  2. Scissors. Use scissors with blunt ends to safely remove hair from between your dog's pads.
  3. Thinning shears. Thin up your pup’s coat for summertime without leaving an obvious cut line.
  4. Clippers. These electric shears with detachable blades and/or snap-on combs are used to cut your dog’s coat shorter.
  5. Grooming table. If your dog requires high-maintenance brushing and combing, you might need some serious equipment. You can adjust the table height to place your dog at a height that is comfortable for both of you. The overhead leash clamp can help keep your dog secure on the table while you groom him.
  6. Pet shampoo. Depending on your dog’s lifestyle and coat type, he should get a bath every four to eight weeks. Regular pet shampoo will remove heavy dirt and debris. Use waterless pet shampoo to remove light dirt or to address odor issues.
  7. Towels. You’ll need a lot of towels to dry off your dog after a bath. You may also use a hair dryer but be sure to set it to "warm" and not "hot."
  8. Nail trimmers. Nail trimming is as much of a benefit to you as it is to your dog. Untrimmed dog nails can scratch your floors and furniture, and neglected nails can lead to discomfort, and even paw injury. If your dog doesn’t naturally wear down nails through activity, you’ll have to trim them for him.
  9. Doggie tooth brush and tooth paste. Just like with humans, keeping your dog’s teeth healthy and clean can help his overall health. Never use human toothbrushes, which are too stiff (even the soft ones) or human toothpaste (which can be toxic).
  10. Ear wash. You’ll need cotton balls and an ear wash specifically designed for ear washing. Be careful not to plunge the cotton balls (or any object) into your dog's ears.

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