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The Gecko was thought to be extinct until 1994 when it was rediscovered. Since the rediscovery this gecko has gained overwhelming popularity all over the world. Petco became the first national chain to support the captive breeding of these interesting reptiles and began to offer them for sale in 2002.

Project Gecko In the reptile hobby there are many small reptiles that make excellent pets for people of all ages. Crested Geckos may very well be one of the best. Crested Geckos (Genus Rachodactylus species Ciliatus) have many defining characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. The three main reasons that make this cold blooded animal such a great pet are, docile temperament, manageable size, and maintenance. Not to mention Crested Geckos have a unique and unusual appearance that stands out from most reptiles.

As some people know when you first start looking into reptiles as a pet or hobby it can be somewhat overwhelming. There can be a lot of issues to consider in the upkeep of a reptile, such as housing, heat, diet, general maintenance, health issues and so much more. Quite a few people would shy away from owning a reptile as a pet, but these Geckos and many other species of reptiles are very simple animals that are fun and easy to care for.

At full size Crested Geckos will attain a very manageable length of 6 to 8 inches. A 20 gallon size terrarium will provide plenty of room for up to 3 adult geckos. They are arboreal so you want to provide them with climbing d├ęcor and foliage to ensure they feel secure in their habitat. The habitat temperature should stay between 75-80 degrees which means they do not require much heat. A low watt heat light would work just fine. Crested Gecko's feed on insects and fruit in their natural habitat. Over the last few years there has been many commercial diets developed to give them everything they need to be fed in captivity. There are even products available now to feed them which will eliminate their need to eat live insects. This is great for that mom out there who hates bugs!

The Crested Gecko's unusual appearance, ease of care, and fantastic temperament has all contributed to its exploding popularity. There is no doubt the Crested Gecko is one of the best reptile pets you can own. Once you have one you will surely want to explore other geckos in the Rachodactylus genus.