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So you're going to get yourself a gerbil? It's very exciting to bring a new pet into the family, but proper planning is essential to the happiness of both owner and pet. Check out our gerbil necessities list before you go out and grab yourself that little bundle of fur.


  • Cage or aquarium large enough to fit the needs of your gerbil
  • Food dish and water bottle
  • Bedding (do not use cedar shavings)
  • Nesting material (do not use commercial fluffy, cotton-like, nesting material)
  • Exercise wheel (not slatted)
  • Gerbil toys, including small enclosure for hiding (wooden or ceramic)
  • Gerbil mix
  • Fresh vegetables (e.g., carrots)
  • Gerbil chews
  • Mineral block
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Gerbil treats (optional)
Grooming Supplies
  • Chinchilla bathing sand (optional)
  • Sharp nail clippers
  • Styptic powder (e.g., Quik-Stop, in case a nail is trimmed too short and bleeds)
  • Cage-cleaning supplies (soap, brushes)
  • Cage disinfectant
Your informed and responsible care will certainly deepen the bond with your furry friend, and make your life together even more wonderful.