Puppies are inquisitive by nature. Sooner or later, your puppy is going to notice something that could potentially be hazardous. Anticipating and avoiding such a predicament is much better than reacting. Follow these easy tips to puppy proof your house:

– Create a secure space

  • Ensure all doors in your home, including patio entrances, can be securely closed
  • Pet doors should be the right size and close securely

– Move or discard possible poisons

  • Keep dangerous foods, such as chocolate and onions out of range
  • Put medications, dietary supplements and antibiotics out of reach
  • Keep cleaning supplies are out of reach
  • Remove or dog-proof any poisonous plants
  • Put pesticides out of reach or replace them with nontoxic substances
  • Use childproof latches on cabinets containing hazardous substances

– Potential puppy problems

  • Secure all garbage in the house including kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • Keep the toilet bowl lid closed and stop using any sanitizing flush products
  • Make litter boxes inaccessible
  • Remove all sharp objects that might cut your dog's paws or mouth
  • Keep all dangerous objects off the floor and out of reach
  • Put away any toys and objects, such as string, that could be dangerous if swallowed
  • Give your dog plenty of dog appropriate chew toys to avoid finding a dangerous alternative, such as electric wiring

Puppy proof your yard

– Create a secure space

  • Check your fencing and gate to ensure that there are no holes through which your dog can get out
  • Make sure your dog cannot jump over or dig under your fence to escape
  • Create a barrier between the area used by your dog and any flowerbeds or garden
  • Secure areas with open water, such as a swimming pool, spa or koi pond
  • Offer your dog plenty of drinking water and refresh it daily
  • If you get a doghouse, put it in a shady area, clean it regularly and make sure it is large enough for your fully grown dog
  • Keep fleas and ticks at bay by regularly treating the perimeter of your yard with pet-safe flea and tick treatments

– Eliminate possible poisons

  • Throw out or dog-proof any poisonous plants in the yard
  • Keep your garbage can out of reach
  • Keep your driveway free of oil, antifreeze or other spillage
  • Make sure the garage door shuts properly and that your dog can't get to any chemicals or other hazardous materials stored there
  • Keep your dog inside if your lawn is sprayed with chemicals or herbicides

– Possible puppy problems

  • Pick up your puppy's feces and dispose of it daily

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