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We all feel stressed by the holiday whirlwind: parties to go to, presents to buy, and cookies to bake. Fitting holiday errands into your schedule can put the squeeze on other important things-like your cat's cuddle time. If she is like most cats, your feline friend might feel neglected, and she'll do her best to let you know that she's displeased.

Rather than feeling guilty about giving her the runaround this holiday, why not make room to have some fun together? A little time spent listening to her purr on your lap will rejuvenate you to tackle the rest of your holiday chores. If you're wondering how to squeeze in some feline frolics, PETCO can help.


  • Spend a peaceful evening grooming her in front of the fireplace with Christmas music playing softly, or your favorite holiday DVD on the TV.
  • Get out her favorite pull-toy and encourage her to chase. Or take a flashlight, shine it on the wall and watch her chase the light. Special feline versions even include a mouse shape to pounce on.
  • Try to teach her to walk on a leash, or add tricks such as fetch, catch, or sit up to her repertoire. Although cats aren't renowned for their interest in being trained, with repetition and reward, it's often possible to amaze your friends and family. Start during the holidays with two 15-minute training sessions a week. Your cat might not deign to perform, but she will enjoy the added attention.
Special Treats
  • While feasting on your turkey dinner, give her a dish of gourmet cat food and offer her chicken- or fish-flavored treats a few at a time throughout the day. Avoid giving her table scraps, though, and never give her onions, turkey bones, or any other sharp, splintery bones. Chocolate is also a definite "no."
  • Purchase or build her a new window perch or playhouse and give it to her early so she can get away from the crowds while you're wrapped up in the holiday hullabaloo.
  • Host a cat-treat and toy exchange. Invite 10 or so of your cat-owning friends and have them each bring enough of their cat's favorite toy and treat to go around. Since most cats don't enjoy visitors, bringing the cat is optional. If you do decide to invite the felines to the festivities, be sure to prepare plenty of safe areas in advance, and ensure that all the invited cats are leash-trained and come with carriers. Give everyone a special pet-themed photo frame as a unique parting gift.
Extravagant Gifts for Cats

Ancient Egyptians treated cats like royalty. Cats still love luxury; if you want to please your cat this Christmas, one of the following items may be just purr-fect.

  • New bed. Although your cat might dream of curling up on real fur, a new fleece-lined bed is just as cozy and much easier to clean. A Hemp Hideaway is another great alternative that comes with removable pads in soft, machine-washable wool.
  • Personalized food bowl. Your cat is an important part of your family, so invest in a quality bowl customized with her name. Or try our porcelain cameo cat bowl to give her the quality she knows she deserves.
  • Automatic waterer. Nothing induces more guilt than coming home to find your pet's water bowl empty. Invest in an automatic waterer and ensure that she'll always have fresh, clean water on demand.
  • Covered litter box. We all crave privacy sometimes and cats are no exception -- she deserves a covered litter box. If you want to go all out, buy one with an odor-control system, or one that scoops the litter automatically.
  • Premium cat food. Feeding your cat well shouldn't be considered a luxury. Top-quality cat foods provide more nutrients and a better balance to her diet than bargain brands.
  • Organic catnip. Not all catnip is created equal. Organic catnip packs more punch and will give your cat hours of extra pleasure, without pesticides or preservatives. Try it in a velvet pillow for added fun.
Whatever ideas you decide to try, it's easy to show your cat you love her by having fun together. Hugs, scratches under the chin, and a few kind words are the daily gifts that she most enjoys.