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The easiest way to prevent fleas and ticks on your dog is to keep him indoors. This, of course, is not an acceptable solution for most dogs and their owners because dogs love to romp outdoors. If your dog must go outdoors, you can attack the flea and tick problem by controlling your dog's environment and using preventative measures on your dog.

Preventative Measures in the Environment

If you keep your dog on his leash or in a fenced area when outside, you can greatly reduce exposure to fleas and ticks. When he's on his leash, keep your dog away from brushy areas and tall grass where fleas and ticks are waiting for their next host. Keep the fenced areas where you will allow him to run free of his leash well mowed. If you keep him away from areas where fleas and ticks are most likely to be found, you will greatly reduce the problem.

Preventative Measures On Your Dog

Regular grooming will help you detect the presence of fleas and ticks early, which is one of the keys to controlling them. In addition, numerous products are available commercially that can help the flea and tick problem including treated flea and tick collars, sprays, powders, flea and tick shampoos, flea and tick dips and monthly treatment applications. These are small vials of solution usually applied to the back of the neck and at the base of the tail.

As with all products of this nature, you must be sure the product you use is made specifically for your dog. In addition, you must read and follow all directions precisely.

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