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At Petco, animals come first and we believe that diagnosing and treating animals is serious business! The only people qualified to diagnose a disease in an animal and treat the animal effectively are veterinarians. It is not fair to the animals to have non-medically trained people diagnose and treat them. Antibiotics are serious drugs that must be used correctly to be effective and when used incorrectly, can cause serious health concerns and microbial resistance.

Antibiotic resistance has always been a concern and it has recently become a much larger problem throughout the world. Overuse of antibiotics was recently implicated in breast cancer in women and everyday physicians are finding more and more bacterial infections are not responding to normal treatment protocols. Because of this major concern, the FDA established a 15-step protocol for antibiotic use that directly addresses the growing concern of microbial resistance. Because this is such a serious problem, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health co-chaired an Interagency Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance: A PUBLIC HEALTH ACTION PLAN TO COMBAT ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE which outlines a plan to reduce antimicrobial resistance. Major steps in the FDA’s 15 step protocol and the interagency task force document deal with the appropriate use of antimicrobials by qualified people. Appropriate use means the use of an antibiotic specifically designed for the specific microbe, the correct dosage of the antibiotic and the correct amount of time of treatment. These three integral factors are necessary to effectively and safely treat an animal with a microbial disease and greatly reduce the chance of microbial resistance.

As the trusted source for pet lovers, it is our responsibility to only sell products that can be used safely and effectively by the general public.

Keeping true to our philosophy, we have made the decision to remove any product that contains antibiotics from our assortment. Instead, we will focus on carrying products that contain natural ingredients which can help with certain disease conditions.

As always, any time you have a sick animal, it is better to take the animal to your veterinarian to diagnose the problem and get a treatment specific to the disease.