Yes, definitely! There are many things you can do to prevent disease in your aquarium. The most important prevention technique is to make sure the water is sparkling clean and that regular water changes and good husbandry are practiced.

Other Ways to Prevent Illness

  • Pretreat aquarium water before introducing your fish into the environment. Get rid of chlorine and heavy metals, adjust the pH to the proper level (according to the type of fish you have) and keep the water clean. Test ammonia levels regularly.
  • Prevent overcrowding by allowing one gallon of water per inch of fish, two gallons of water per inch for saltwater fish. Overcrowding can cause pollution, ammonia and finally, illness.
  • Change 20 percent of your aquarium water once a week.
  • Keep the aquarium temperature at the proper level.
  • Avoid oxygen depletion with proper aeration.
  • Do not use household products such as hairspray and cleaners around your aquarium.
  • Prevent stress in your aquarium.
  • Make sure you have proper filtration.
  • Do not overfeed your fish. Any uneaten food will drop to the bottom, decompose and cause pollution.
  • Change filter media regularly. Make sure your system is appropriate for your size tank.
  • Do not feed live food to your fish unless you are sure of its quality. Do not gather your own live food from ponds and other places.
  • Feed your fish a variety of foods.
  • Always quarantine new fish in a separate tank for at least three days before introducing the member into the community tank. During the quarantine period, fish may display signs of illness, and you don't want them passing it on to your other fish.
  • If there is an illness in your aquarium, treat the fish in a separate tank to avoid medication poisoning. Clean and disinfect the tank and change the water before reintroducing the fish.