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Omnivorous fish are the easiest to feed because they eat all kinds of fish food including flakes, tablet and pellet foods, and frozen and live foods like brine shrimp, worms and mosquito larvae. These fish also do well being fed small amounts of nutrients more than once a day.

Since omnivores eat almost anything, you may tend to overfeed them. Remember the size of a fish's stomach is about the same as the size of his eye and adjust your feeding quantities accordingly.

The basic rule is to give only what the fish can consume in three to five minutes. Scoop all uneaten food out to prevent leftovers from clogging up the filtration, polluting the water and making your tank toxic.

Remember, an appropriate fish diet depends on three important considerations: the fish species, size and stage of life. Do your research on these elements and apply your knowledge to taking care of your specific fish. Bear in mind nutritional and dietary deficiencies can stunt growth, especially for juvenile fish, lower immunity to infections and increase susceptibility to illness.