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Potential Side Effects From Vaccination Include:

Depression may occur for the first 24 hours following vaccination. If this persists after 24 hours, call your local veterinarian.

Vomiting and/or Diarrhea may occur following vaccines but should not persist for more than 24 hours. If this should occur, call your local veterinarian.

Welts, facial swelling or generalized shaking can be an allergic reaction. Call your local veterinarian immediately for instructions.

Most vaccines are recommended annually.

Vaccine Canine Feline
Rabies 16 weeks 16 weeks
Lepto - Only given to dogs at risk 12 weeks  
Corona 8 weeks  
Bordetella 8 weeks  
Parvo 8 weeks  
Lyme 16 weeks  
4 in 1 (FVRCP+C)   8 weeks
Feline Leukemia   10 weeks
Roundworm / Hookworm 6 weeks 6 weeks
Tapeworm 6 weeks 6 weeks
Diagnostic Testing    
Heartworm Test 6 weeks  
Fecal Test No Minimum No Minimum
Feline Leukemia Test   8 -12 weeks
Felv/ FIV Combo Test   8-12 weeks - repeat at 6 months if positive
Flea control    
Frontline 10 weeks 12 weeks
Heartworm Preventative    
Interceptor 6 weeks  
Proheart6 6 months  

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This article reprinted with permission from Luv My Pet, Inc.

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