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  • Fur: Should be fluffy, shiny and free of mats or bare spots.
  • Eyes: Should be alert, look straight ahead and be clear and bright, with no discharge. Tip: You can check a cat's eyesight by shining a flashlight into its eyes to see if it blinks.
  • Ears: Should be clean and sweet smelling. Tip: You can check a cat's hearing by ringing a bell to see if it reacts.
  • Legs: Should be straight, with arched toes and cupped feet.
  • Nose: Should be cool, damp and free of discharge.
  • Weight: Should not look overweight. A two-month-old kitten weighs about two pounds; an adult cat eight to 15 pounds.
  • Stomach: Should not bulge. A bulging navel could indicate a hernia; a swollen stomach a poor diet or worms.
  • Playfulness: Should be playful and pounce and jump with ease. Tip: Clap your hands or stomp your feet. The cat or kitten should startle, but only for a moment. It should recover quickly.
  • Socialization: Should be well socialized as indicated by an eagerness for attention and purring when petted.
  • Skin: Should be clean and healthy looking, with no redness or scabs.
  • "Under the tail." The anus should be free of any redness or swelling.
  • Temperature: Kitten: 96 to 100 degrees F. Adult Cat: 100 to 103 degrees F rectally.
  • Heart Rate: 140 to 240 beats per minute.