A healthy ferret is an active and curious animal. A happy ferret is one that stays alert and playful. Knowing what physical characteristics are normal for your ferret can enable you to act faster should any health issues arise:

  • Eyes: Should be big, clear, bright, even in size and free of discharge.
  • Ears: Should be pink and clear of debris or dirt.
  • Nose: Should be moist, smooth and free of scales.
  • Whiskers: Should be soft, long and full.
  • Fur: Should be clean, shiny and completely covering the body; and be free of fleas, bald spots or sores.
  • Skin: Should be smooth, not scaly, and free of lumps, bumps or sores.
  • Body: Should be firm with muscle evenly distributed. A healthy ferret feels muscular and athletic.
  • Genitals/anus: Should be clean and healthy looking, not prolapsed or protruding, with no signs of feces or discharge.
  • Feces: Should be tubular in shape, smooth and firm in consistency and is tan to brown in color. Runny and/or discolored feces could be an indication of indigestion or serious illnesses like ECE which should be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian.
  • Behavior: Usually alert and curious. Your ferret should always be playful, gentle and with a good attitude. Like puppies, young ferrets like to teethe. This behavior should be discouraged and should subside as your ferret ages. A healthy ferret will display a confident attitude and appear happy. Healthy ferrets generally sleep about 18 - 20 hours per day.

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