Dogs love to play, so when the weather doesn’t cooperate, here are some fun indoor activities that will keep your dog busy:

  • Stair climbing. Dogs love to run, but indoors isn't usually a good mix for that kind of activity—unless, of course, you have stairs. Stand at the bottom of the stairs with your dog, toss a soft toy to the top of the stairs and ask your dog to fetch it back to you. Repeat. For this stair-climbing workout, check with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is in good physical health. Also make sure your dog has an unobstructed path and doesn’t make the return trip downstairs too quickly to avoid collisions.
  • Hide and seek. This activity is guaranteed to exercise your dog’s mind and body, along with his recall skills. Hide and call your dog's name. When he uncovers your hiding spot, make sure to reward his excellent canine sleuthing skills with a dog treat.
  • Puzzle toys. In the wild, dogs are scavengers and foragers for food. For a real challenge, look at puzzle toys, which are both educational and engaging or try treat dispensing toys. In addition, your home is peppered with hiding spots. Take some of your dog’s favorite treats and hide them in safe and accessible places in your home.

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