Good oral hygiene will do more than just improve your dog’s bad breath. Spending a few minutes each day caring for his teeth and gums can help prevent dental disease, which can lead to heart, kidneys and liver damage. Here are four reasons you should regularly check your dog’s teeth:

  1. Proper dental care prevents serious illness: Over time, tartar build-up can result in dental disease which can lead to major health problems such as liver and kidney disease, intestinal blockage, diabetes and some forms of cancer.
  2. You will save money: Purchasing dental supplies such as a dog toothbrush, pet toothpaste, pet dental wipes and chew toys will save you money in the long run. It is more cost effective to spend a few dollars for oral care supplies than having to pay for serious health problems down the road.
  3. Dogs are good at hiding pain: Even though we believe that our dogs are far removed from their ancestors, they do carry several traits, including the instinct to hide pain and illness. An ill or hurt dog is seen as weak by predators. While your dog can’t tell you that he is in pain, you can look for signs, which can include bad breath or tartar buildup on teeth.
  4. Bad breath can be a clue to more serious ailments: If you notice excess drooling, swollen or red gums, ulcers on the gums or tongue, loose teeth, plaque on the teeth, pus, trouble chewing, or pawing at the mouth, take your dog to see your veterinarian.

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