Is My Hamster Too Fat To Be Healthy?

An obese hamster will be subject to a wide variety of potential health problems, including fatigue, reduced fertility and assorted heart conditions that can reduce his life span. If your hamster is 15% over average weight, then he is too fat. An average-sized hamster is about 150 grams and would be considered obese at about 166 grams.

If your hamster really is overweight, you need to make sure that you are feeding the proper amount of food. Hamsters need six to ten percent of their proper body weight daily in a balanced formula. If you are overfeeding, slowly reduce the volume of food to your hamster's proper intake level, but be certain that the food that you are providing will satisfy his nutritional requirements. If you do not know your hamster's appropriate weight, consult your veterinarian.

To discourage obesity in the future, remove the food bowl one hour after serving, to prevent your pet from overeating. Encourage your hamster to get exercise by taking him out of his cage and letting him run around for a while under well supervised conditions. Make sure the exercise area is safe, and if you are going to allow him to run outside, be sure the area is properly enclosed and free of herbicides and pesticides.

If you think you are doing everything correctly, and your pet is still obese, your veterinarian may need to evaluate your hamster