Do Gerbils Hibernate?

Gerbils do not hibernate in the winter, however, they can become less active and tend to rely more on food when the temperature gets cooler. Most animals require more food for energy in the cooler months, and your gerbil is no exception. The best temperature for your gerbil is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, similar to the comfort zone for humans. If the temperature drops much under 65 degrees, you need to watch your gerbil for signs of hibernation. If your gerbil appears rigid and cold, with just it's whiskers twitching, you should immediately move your gerbil to a warmer room until he recovers

In the wild, gerbils can stand a wide range of temperatures, from over 100 degrees to below freezing. Gerbils in the wild have become accustomed to some very harsh environments, but remember, your gerbil is domesticated. It is dangerous for gerbils in the wild to experience temperature drops and surges, because these can cause illness or death. So, never let your gerbil become overheated (temperatures much over 70 degrees) or get too cold (much under 65 degrees) or experience a sudden, wide swing in temperatures. Each gerbil will react differently at different temperatures. You will want to try and maintain a constant comfortable temperature, between 65 degrees and 70 degrees for your gerbil. Chances are, this is the best temperature for you as well.