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Are Gerbils Nocturnal?

In the wild, almost all gerbils are nocturnal. They sleep during the day and forage for food and nesting materials during the coolness of the evening hours. The exception to this rule is the domesticated Mongolian gerbil and this is most likely the kind of gerbil you own. The Mongolian is the most common type of gerbil found in pet stores and is not nocturnal.

Because, thanks to you, your gerbil no longer has to hunt for food or nesting materials, she will be awake most of the day -- with boundless energy. She will nap briefly between bouts of activity. She will also follow a day/night cycle, which is why it is so important to make sure her cage or aquarium is not kept in a dark place. She needs to be aware of dark and light cycles. Your gerbil has an innate curiosity, a love of people and can be fully energized at any time of the day. She'll never want to miss a thing going on in the house. If there is a lot of bustling activity after dark, chances are your gerbil will be just as curious in the evening. When her surroundings are peaceful and quiet, your gerbil will generally sleep at night.

In a similar manner, you and your gerbil will both enjoy the goings on of the day . . . and the peacefulness of the night. Like you, if there's a party going on, chances are, neither one of you will want to miss a thing!