Litter Boxes

Your ferret needs a place to relieve itself, and the best place for that is a litter box in its cage. Make sure the box is always in the cage (except for cleaning and changing litter), and change the litter regularly, especially if you have several ferrets in the same cage. Litter boxes, like soap, come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors, but the most important features of a good litter box are listed below.

  • A cat litter box is fine for younger adult ferrets.
  • A litter box with one low side (1" to 2" high) is good for older, less agile ferrets that are not as limber as when they were young. Also, a low side is good for ferrets when they decide to back into the litter box.
  • Litter boxes should have (besides the low side) sides at least 4" high that keeps your ferrets from dropping waste over the side of the box after they've backed inside it.
  • A litter box should fit well into the corner of the cage housing your ferrets; it may be necessary to buy a specially shaped triangular litter box for that reason. Ferrets prefer to do their "business" in a corner, so your ferrets may use a vacant corner in the cages sometimes, instead of a non-corner litter box.
  • A plastic litter box that will take the heat of a dishwasher is good for easy cleaning.
  • A large litter box (which can hold at least 2 pounds of litter) is necessary for 2-3 ferrets to use.
  • A litter box should be placed in each room where your ferrets are allowed; if the rooms are large, then perhaps several litter boxes are needed in each room. Therefore, you want to get the least expensive litter box that does the job.
  • A litter box that clips to the inside of your ferrets' cage is best; they can't tip it over when they back into it.
  • The most inexpensive litter boxes are plastic dishpans, cardboard storage boxes, and empty plastic milk jugs. With the milk jugs, cut the top two thirds or so off, and use the remaining bottom part with litter. The advantage of both the cardboard box and the milk jugs (besides low cost) is they are discarded after use, so you don't have to wash them.
  • A RubbermaidTM plastic container for bread or ice cream (6 x 9 x 5 inches) does well as a litter box for a travel cage or shoulder bag.