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The Best Chinchilla Food, Chinchilla Cages and Chinchilla Supplies for Your Chinchillas

Similar to hamsters, chinchillas are nocturnal and are most active in the evening. Known for their silky fur, bushy tails and large ears, chinchillas have become quite popular pets over the years. Requiring basic chinchilla supplies, chinchillas are relatively low-maintenance and are known to have long life spans. Chinchillas are quite active and energetic, which is why their chinchilla cages should be spacious enough to accommodate lots of play and exercise. While you can give your chinchilla toys to keep him active, there are many chinchilla cages that are equipped with multi-level platforms to encourage more activity. As herbivores, chinchillas require a balanced diet consisting of fresh grasses and healthy chinchilla food pellets. There are various types of food pellets available that help to keep your pet chinchilla healthy and thriving. From chinchilla food pellets that contain DHA Omega-3 to support healthy heart, brain and visual functionality to pellets that are rich in antioxidants for a strong immune system and probiotics and prebiotics for better digestive health. Give your pet chinchilla supplies, food and housing that will promote his longevity, along with the proper care and attention that will strengthen his bond with you.