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Betta Fish, Betta Fish Care and Betta Fish Tanks for Excellent Betta Care and Maintenance

Ranging in a variety of colors, Betta fish, also referred to as Siamese Fighting Fish, have become quite popular pets as they are quite often seen around many homes and offices in either bowls or aquariums. Bettas are a hearty fish species that are fascinating to watch as they breathe from the water's surface using their special respiratory organ, the labyrinth, in addition to their gills. As relatively low-maintenance pets, they require Betta fish tanks or bowls, food and other supplies to keep them healthy and happy. Fortunately, there is an assortment of supplies available that have been developed for proper Betta fish care that make taking care of Bettas convenient and fun. From the ornately decorated line of Betta Treasures Collection bowls to Betta fish tanks that feature Disney's The Little Mermaid or Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo, you are bound to find everything your pet Betta needs online at Learn more about Bettas and proper Betta fish care today and provide your pet Betta with the right supplies and food to promote his health, well-being and longevity.