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aquatic turtle supplies


Find aquatic turtle supplies, aquatic turtle books & aquatic turtle food all in one place

Aquatic turtles like a peaceful and warm climate. Over time and with proper handling, turtles learn to recognize you as you approach.
They are gentle creatures that like to be in or near water all the time.

Aquatic Turtle Supplies, Turtle Food and Turtle Books for Excellent Aquatic Turtle Care

From common North American red-eared slider turtles and river cooters to popular mud turtles, musk turtles and painted turtles, aquatic turtles make for interesting pets. While turtles may not be suited for most young children, there are turtle books that help to better inform beginning turtle caregivers on the basics of proper turtle care. Turtles are quite beautiful to observe and don't require much human interaction, but still need basic turtle supplies, such as housing, adequate lighting and heating, food and water. As aquatic turtles feed in the water, it's important to provide them with turtle food that has been developed for water feeding, such as floating pellets. By learning more about the different species of basking turtles from turtle books and articles, you can educate yourself on the right type of turtle food and supplies for your pet turtle. If an aquatic pet turtle is the right pet for you, check out the wide variety of aquariums, substrate, food and other necessary turtle supplies conveniently available online at